I don’t get the opportunity to bring humor into my work very often, but it happens from time to time. Here are some examples.

I led marketing at Winternals and could make the call to do humorous content like this postcard, which was targeted at system administrators.

Internal Sales Play
This was a sales play for internal use for a security company, FireMon. Since it was not customer-facing I was able to add some humor. For example, engaging headers in PDF page 4 for sales, and the use of DC characters (Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Wayne Industries) for sample names beginning on PDG page 10.

Sales Playbook

Digital Ad
This startup, NewsStand, was trying to communicate the idea that you could get your favorite magazine in digital format even if the magazine’s publisher did not themselves offer a digital version. Kinda back in the day.

This is an article I wrote about a Great Idea.


Print Ad
This was a print ad for chip Motorola was introducing under the brand name RTEK. The key message was small but powerful. So, yeah.

Direct Mail Series
This was for Dell Computer Corporation. This was a direct marketing (flat) campaign to pre-announce the launch of a new notebook computer to existing Dell corporate customers. It was based on the concept that a corporate spy was loose inside Dell. The mail campaign consisted of a series of pieces in standard business envelopes with notes written on outside. Each envelope contained a different piece that the ‘spy’ had acquired and that contained information about the soon-to-be-released Dell notebook computer.

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